Physiotherapy Facilities

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We are situated in the Virgin Active at Cresta, Bryanston and Victory Park. Our patients have full use of the gym facilities for any rehabilitation necessary and do not need to be members but need to be accompanied by one of our therapists.

Having access to these facilities allows us to asses patients on the treadmill, in the pool, and on various equipment in the gym, allowing us to ascertain the patients’ biomechanics and any changes in technique that may need to be made. For members that are training with personal trainers or other coaches, we liaise with these individuals where necessary.

Post operative and post injury rehab is extremely important for a pain free and functional outcome and we pride ourselves on the positive effects our exercise programs have for our patients. We prescribe exercises based on the most current scientific evidence and research. For those training regularly in a gym environment, we offer programs for improving posture, strengthening specific areas to reduce injury risk and sports- specific exercises.

For those who prefer to exercise in their home environment, we offer programs that need no equipment other than possibly resistance bands.

Our approach to treatment is to prescribe appropriate exercises that will reduce the risk of injury recurrence and prevent injury in those with bio mechanical insufficiencies.