Super Brain Part 2

  • What goes on in your brain has a direct effect on your body.
  • What you think or don’t think you are capable of, affects how you use your body.
  • Your emotional reactions affect your posture and movement.
  • Your awareness of your body throughout the day affects your posture, how you move and the sensations you feel.

In my last article you would have read about your awesome brain and what possibilities exist if we learn to use it correctly.

But how do we do this???…is it difficult….?

The first and most important aspect is to create AWARENESS

Now AWARENESS is so very important because to change something you need to be aware that it is a problem, then you need to be aware of why and how it has become a problem. When you can recognize these things ….. you can consciously decide to change the situation. Be aware about using your brain and not letting it use you.

 The single most important thing about being AWARE is being PRESENT.

  • The definition of PRESENT – being here, now
  • The second definition of PRESENT – a gift

 You presence is indeed a gift to yourself and those around you.

An example- “ I am now aware that when I am in a stressful situation, my shoulders tense up, I clench my teeth and barely breathe! ………now what?”

Now you choose to change this…..breathe into the bases of your lungs, relax your shoulders and your jaw. Your neck and shoulder pain will disappear and so will some of your stress with it!

You can change your perceptions too to make the situation seem less stressful.

And you can change your reaction to the situation as well. Remember in all situations you can choose your reaction and if previous reactions have not ended with the desired outcome, why keep repeating them???

 Some points to ponder: 

  • Why hold onto beliefs  and reactions that make you stuck and bring about negativity?
  • Why be a victim of your beliefs, do you think that you deserve this?
  • Take responsibility and possession of a situation without blaming – sometimes it’s no ones fault ….move on  and change what needs to be changed.
  • Don’t give away your personal power to others.
  • Ask questions.
  • Stop worrying, worrying creates fear. In the words of the Dalai Lama “ why worry? If you can do something to change that which you are worrying about then there is no need to worry. If you can’t then what is the point of worrying?”
  • Learn to be happy in the present.
  •  Give of yourself.

These things will assist you in not only living longer but living happier with a healthy mind and body.








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Cheryl Stacey BSc (Physio) SPT

Cheryl qualified from Wits in 1993 and worked for a variety on practices locally and abroad to gain a vast scope of practice. She opened her own practice in 1999 seeing orthopaedic and sports patients as well as 6 years spent treating post- operative spinal patients.

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