The Super Brain

The following article presents some interesting thoughts, facts and discussion on a book called ‘Superbrain’ authored by Deepak Chopra and Rudi Tanzi.

In my lengthy physio (nope, not giving my age away, will always be young) career the influence of the mind on the body has always been an interest and having done many post grad courses on the nervous system, psychoneuroimmunology( a branch of medicine involved in how the mind can influence the immune system) and the likes,  and had much experience with my own patients, this book provided a perfect union of scientific and alternative. Many of the facts presented I have used with much success in personal situations and in my interactions with my patients.

Deepak Chopra a medical doctor with a special interest in endocrinology yet traditionally considered  ‘alternative’ due to his thoughts on quantum energies, meditation and universal consciousness  (much of which we now know has a strong scientific base)  has combined efforts with Rudi Tanzi professor of neurology at Harvard (specializing in Alzheimer’s)  to bring us the latest on using and understanding our brains to bring us the benefits of longevity and health.


They have several exciting ‘ ideas’ to share.


Our brains and nervous systems uniquely interpret input from our environment, creating a highly personalized experience of the world for each of us. Our reality is thus based on the messages and interpretation our brain and nervous system receive and process. This is different for each person as we have all developed having different experiences of the world around us.



We have a primitive emotional part of our brain that is very reactive (flight or fight response) but as humans we have evolved to have a super brain with areas of much higher functioning that are capable of managing these reactive emotions. We therefore have the ability to create our own realities if we become more aware and make use of these higher functions.



The more we can utilize this Super brain, the more we learn and grow and the slower our brains age.



This describes a process where the brain actually remodels itself when  we set out to constantly learn new skills and expose ourselves to different situations and experiences . We can change much more than we think.

So……what does all this fantastic information mean for us?


  • This means that we have this amazing brain and nervous system at our disposal – but that we have to make a conscious choice to use our brains instead of letting our brains use us.
  • We can make our brains strong and resilient (much like we would our muscles) with the the following tools: being present and aware, learning new skills, new experiences and physical activity.
  • Change your mind- change your body: we can heal our bodies by changing old thought patterns and habits.
  • We can put a stop to the ’emotional hijacking’ that our primitive brain is responsible for and be better able to manage situations intelligently. This ultimately creates less stress and far more happiness for us.
  • We can play an active part in slowing down the aging process in our brains and bodies.



Isn’t this awesome news????

In my next article I will give you some tips on how to start achieving these things.


What relevance does all this ‘brain stuff’ have for us as physios?

Well, what we think becomes our reality. So the thoughts you have daily regarding your body will become a reality for your body. It is often said that we only have to look at our bodies to see what our thoughts in the past have been.

We would love for each of our patients to be empowered with the realisation that they can change so much by changing the way they think.

Think about that…

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Cheryl Stacey BSc (Physio) SPT

Cheryl qualified from Wits in 1993 and worked for a variety on practices locally and abroad to gain a vast scope of practice. She opened her own practice in 1999 seeing orthopaedic and sports patients as well as 6 years spent treating post- operative spinal patients.

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