We Are Made To Move

Humans are beautifully designed to move! Yet what do a large portion of the population do for most of the day?? Sit…….and sit badly.

In fact I recently read an article that likened the effects of sitting all day and the effects of smoking, saying that the two were equally as bad for our bodies.

 What Does Movement Do?

Increases Circulation

The more you move, the better your blood supply to the body and thus the better the oxygen delivery to the tissues. All of the cells in our bodies require oxygen to function efficiently.


Improves Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is responsible for ridding the body of toxins, it is a rather sluggish and passive system, relying on body movement as a pump. When we fail to move regularly the toxins build up, literally poisoning our bodies. Try to massage around your belly button and see how it feels…….if tender to touch it may be because your lymphatic system needs to get moving, along with the rest of you! Exercise like yoga is particularly good for this.


Provide Normal Neural Input

Our nerves are designed to carry messages from input such as temperature, deep touch and movement,yet we overload them with sensations of stress and threat. This creates abnormal functioning and overload of our nervous systems and sensitises our receptors to pain. A very effective way to deal with this overload is to provide our nervous system with normal input such as heat, deep pressure (massage) and MOVEMENT.


Release Endorphins

Exercise releases those ‘feel good chemicals’ , so as hard as it may be to start an exercise session, very few people feel sorry that they did because they are so much happier afterwards, not to mention the positive feel we have about our bodies when we are fit and strong.


Oils Our Joints

Our joints contain synovial fluid which nourishes the joint structures and keeps things moving smoothly. You can liken this fluid to oil…..when oil sits and cools down it is thick and gooey, once it is warmer it becomes more runny, this process creates more fluidity in the synovial fluid and better joint movement.


Enables Our Organs to Function Better

The abdominal organs all require good circulation to function effectively. When we sit bent over all day the circulation to this area decreases. By moving, we move all our organs, ensuring that they stay healthy and are able to perform to keep us healthy.


Relieves Pain

Research has shown that even in acute pain, one of the most effective treatment modalities is movement. We use the most current research to prescribe appropriate exercises for our patients. Appropriate  movement provides normal neural input and therefore decreases the sensitivity of the pain receptors.


Patients with postural fatigue and pain will often say that because of their pain they do not like to exercise and move, without realizing that their pain is due to their lack of movement.

If in any doubt try moving more and see how you feel and watch the you tube video ‘The Fuzz Speech’ by well known anatomy guru Gil Headley.


References:Butler D, Moseley L 2003, Explain Pain
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Cheryl Stacey BSc (Physio) SPT

Cheryl qualified from Wits in 1993 and worked for a variety on practices locally and abroad to gain a vast scope of practice. She opened her own practice in 1999 seeing orthopaedic and sports patients as well as 6 years spent treating post- operative spinal patients.

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